Who is


Marin Smith is uniquely positioned to understand and respond to the challenges and victories of novice teaching. After graduating from Harvard in 2001, Marin enrolled in The New York City Teaching Fellows Program where she taught full-time and completed her Master's Degree in Education. In 2004, Marin was hired as a founding teacher at Achievement First Crown Heights Elementary School where she stayed until 2011, serving as a teacher coach, academic dean, principal, and curriculum developer. 

Realizing that what she loved most about her work was supporting new teachers, Marin took a leap and pursued a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work, with the intention of working directly with emerging adults. She completed a fellowship at Swarthmore College in 2015, and now works as a therapist for undergraduate and graduate students at Harvard's Counseling and Mental Health Services. All the while, Marin stayed connected with the education world, working as a teacher coach with Match Education and providing support with special projects for The Together Group and Relay GSE. 

Marin knows what it feels like to be a new teacher, and she has a detailed and intimate understanding of challenges from both classroom and administrative perspectives. She combines this experience with clinical expertise in mental health and adult development to provide dynamic, accessible and thoughtful professional development, consultation, and direct support services.